Learn by doing v learn by watching

“Drama, what a waste of time! These students should be having proper lessons.”

When the Phileas Fogg Theatre Company started, this was not an uncommon statement to hear. Things are changing, teachers are seeing that drama is a powerful teaching tool for their students and themselves.  We employ various techniques and exercises in all our workshops and shows.  We are more than happy to share them with teachers, which will give them a fantastic addition to their educational toolboxes.

There are various misconceptions about drama:

1)      Drama is not a ‘proper’ lesson.

Drama helps to build not only self confidence in speaking English, but also in themselves.  Drama teaches various life skills, including, communication skills, teamwork, making friends, leadership, presentation skills, discipline, commitment and responsibility.

2)      My students are too shy.

Being nervous or apprehensive before a workshop or show is very normal for many students. However, after a very short time, they find themselves enjoying it and any fear just disappears.

 In all Phileas Fogg Theatre Company’s workshops or shows, every student participates fully.  This means that even the shy ones are completely involved.  One of the joys of being a Phileas Fogg actor, is watching students blossom!

3)      My students´ English is not good enough.

Over the past 20 years we have worked with Dutch students, whose English is virtually non-existent, as well as the bilingual ones.  Our highly trained, professional actors can judge within minutes what the level of English is and set the workshop or show to the correct level.

In a Phileas Fogg Theatre company workshop or show, the students often do not realise they are learning; they just think they are having fun!

If you would like a totally unbiased review of our company, ask any teacher who has worked with us, there are plenty of them about!

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